Caravan Camping rules

1. At their arrival all guests must go to the office, give the passports and receive their place number from the staff. These formalities are necessary to have access to the camping.

2. The access to the camping depends on the Management. Eventual guests of the camping guests can be admitted from the Management after the formalities above mentioned (see n. 1) and they have to pay the day charge.

3. The day begins at 12.00 and ends the following day at the same time. Every part of the day will be calculated as a whole add.

4. The access to the animals is not admitted. Sometimes the Management can allow the access to cats and birds to certain conditions.

5. Clients can take vision of the prices, the timetable of the structures and conditions of insurance of the camping.

6. On the camping ground every activity which could disturb the guests is not allowed.

7. The guests cannot leave and arrive from 23.00 to 7.00 hours cars and motor scooters cannot drive in the camping and the use of TV, radio or any other set producing noises should be limited.

8. Cars can drive in the camping with the maximal speed of 10 km/h only for the time necessary to charge or discharge it and during allowed hours. Usually they must be parked in the parking inside the camping.

9. To every guest will be assigned a place limited by four trees one at each corner and he cannot occupy parts of other areas outside own place with tent, caravan or something else.

10. It is forbidden to damage trees or equipments of the camping, to set up poles into the ground, to make obstacles which limit the free passage of other camping guests, this is forbidden also for the own place.

11. The use of barbecue is allowed if it does no damage trees or grass or if its smoke does not disturb the guests.

12. Every kind of rubbish must be put in its own special container and each guest has to clean his own place and keep out in order.

13. The small fountains along the alleys of the camping must be used only to take water; every other use is forbidden.

14. The toilets and facilities in the camping must be used carefully. Children must go to the toilets together with adults. The washing-up must be done in te special wash-basins.

15. On each place you can put only one tent or caravan. Any other disposition must be authorized by the Management which can in any case ask for the removal of the tent or caravan within 24 hours. Distribution of electricity can only be done through one single cable united at the electricity-collumn by a legal obliged CEI 23-12 plug – Tension 220V – Distribution max 3 Ampere (650W).

16. In case of infective illnesses the guests must immediately communicate it to the Management which can also ask the ill person to leave the camping.

17. The guests should collect their post at the reception office, the uncollected post will be sent back after five days.

18. Guests can also make free use of the swimming polls of the Lido respecting the opening hours.

19. The Management is not liable for money or things which are not given directly to them.

20. If guests do not respect one of the above mentioned rules, the contract is considered as solved and are invited to leave the camping after having paid eventual damages.

21. If the guest does not leave the camping after invitation of Management, he must pay a double amount for each day he stays n the camping without authorization.

22. At the end the Management can keep the tent or caravan of guests who do not pay the whole amount.


The cancellation of a reservation must be effected in person or by post.    Who cancels the reservation or only a part of the stay within 10 days before the arrival date has the right to have back 50% of the amount already paid.  Who does not respect  this contractual rule, cannot have back any refund.

The direction has to keep the camping place reserved for three days after the agreed arrival date.